An easy way to get and manage your websites
We are simplifying how to choose and manage your web presence.

Who is Pensyls for?

Your Online Presence Matters
if not you simply don't exist

For Individuals

Having a personal website is a wish for every individual. We are stepping in to make this possible. Build a personal brand, and share your world

For Small Businesses

A small business' brand face starts with a website. Social media has become a common place to do so but there is a question of credibility. Let Pensyls build you that.

For StartUps

StartUps are no different from small businesses. But as fresh as you are identifying your market, you need to stand out.


The Problem At Hand

We found out that ...

Slow websites, poor web layout designs, no call to actions, broken links, make people lose interest in visiting websites.

On the other side the Cost of Design and Development, Domain name purchase, Hosting and No technical help is another headache.

  • Have you experienced the problem above before?
    Pensyls have the fix for this.

Our Simple Solution

We Help You To ...

Choose a template of your choice, Set a custom domain, And then we give you a Custom Dashboard to manage both. Don't worry, the Problem At Hand is fixed.

All you will have to do is sit and wait a Week or Two to see your live website. All progress will be communicated and available for you to see.

  • Custom domain emails, SEO, 24/7 Technical Support guaranteed.
  • Pensyls is not a site builder, not Wordpress, not free,
    because free things don't last.

How It Works

How Pensyls

Create account and setup

Create an account using your email, an email message to verify your account will be sent to you. You complete your registration by finalizing with profile details.

Tell us what you want

You select a template of your choice and suggest a custom domain to use. We make these choices available and send you a bill for payment.

We finalize website and you are live

Based on your choice and selection, we integrate your template with our custom admin dashboard that works together and then your website goes online.

Our Pricing

Without hidden charges
Our pricing will be available

Be part of our early customers to benefit from future features.
If not continue reading

We think we might have it all but you can help us make it better.

Every website is unique and so it needs to be treated so. A feature you would like or need as your own can be included whiles we are building this great tool. Be part of our first 30 people who are interested.

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